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10% discount on orders over CHF 500 - Free delivery within 48 hours
10% discount on orders over CHF 500 - Free delivery within 48 hours

Over 15 years' experience in sustainable packaging innovation and biobased, compostable and reusable alternatives

We offer packaging solutions for both retail and organic waste management. Our products are distinguished by their environmental credentials, in particular by their contribution to the recovery of materials at the end of their life cycle.
Traceable from raw material to end-of-life, they contribute to reducing our customers' environmental impact.

Our charter

1. BioApply undertakes to offer its customers only products with a minimum of 30% renewable content. This percentage will be progressively increased as technologies become available.

2. BioApply undertakes never to produce bags with a % polyethylene content.

3. BioApply undertakes to produce all its products in Europe where technically feasible. If this is not feasible, production will be carried out at the nearest location. BioApply will constantly strive to bring the production site closer to the customer.

4. All BioApply products are certified OK COMPOST, OK HOME COMPOST or OK BIOBASED.

5. For the Swiss market, bags above 50 microns are not labelled "compostable" in order to comply with the recommendations of Biomasse Suisse.

6. For the Swiss market, BioApply undertakes to add the white mesh to bags labelled compostable in accordance with the recommendations of Biomasse Suisse.

7. BioApply offers GMO-free products and heavy-metal-free inks.

8. All BioApply products are traceable via the platform.

9. BioApply ensures that the materials used to produce these bags are not in direct competition with human food.

Our history


Based on wood fiber, BioApply launches the TreeTote® range to overcome the problem of organic cotton. A complete range from fruit & vegetable nets to bulk bags, all 100% European plant-based and compostable.



BioPaper, launch of the first range of products made from 100% renewable, moisture- and grease-resistant functional paper, certified for composting and recycling.



The TreeTote® is a sustainable alternative to the cotton tote bag. While cotton is highly water-intensive and subject to pesticides, the TreeTote is made from PEFC-certified wood fiber from Central Europe. It is certified compostable.



In response to a request from the Canton of Geneva, BioApply is developing a small, airy, designer kitchen waste garbage can compatible with compostable bags and kitchen storage systems.



Since 2012, almost all BioApply solutions have been traceable, with full transparency. With a view to combating green washing, BioApply has teamed up with Product DNA to make its supply chain 100% verified, in just one click.



BioApply compostable bags create a virtuous circle, from point of sale to compost. Shop and then reuse the bag for efficient sorting of organic waste: a biomass contribution of quality & quantity.



The basic aim is to replace single-use plastic with a 100% European biosourced and biodegradable bag.


Our team

Frédéric Mauch


Stefan Feltgen

Commercial Director

Laurent Nardini

Sourcing & Logistics Director

Saoirse Kathryn McConnell

Innovation Projects Manager

Karl H. Bayer

Senior Sales Manager

Olivia Mauch

Graphic designer

Michel Pikhanov

Sales Manager France

Claudine Bettoli


Our partners

As a member of Réseau Vrac, BioApply contributes to the development of sustainable food and non-food systems and the reduction of food waste and disposable packaging waste.

BioApply is a partner and supporter of Yes We Farm, a Swiss crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture and food!

As a member of Biomasse Suisse, BioApply helps to improve and optimize the management of compostable waste and the adaptation of biodegradable materials.

Awards & Distinctions

2006 - eco-conscience award, Lausanne

2007 - Canton Sustainable Development Grant, Geneva

2007 - Y Parc start-up prize, Yverdon

2008 - IMD Start up program winner, Lausanne

2010 - Swiss Venture Leaders

2011 - US Selection Swissnex, San Francisco

2016 - 2017 - European Business Awards, National Champion

2017 - "Le Temps & Handelszeitung" Growth Champion