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10% discount on orders over CHF 500 - Free delivery within 48 hours
10% discount on orders over CHF 500 - Free delivery within 48 hours

Alvobox 52L customizable

The recyclable isothermal container

A durable, stackable and fully recyclable thermal box.
The use of alvobox® allows distribution
without cooling vans.

Boxes are available in 52-litre and 151-litre sizes


For frozen, cold or hot foods
Excellent thermal properties
Lid compartment for refrigeration or freezing shields
Integrated side handles for comfortable transport
Secure stacking thanks to bottom lugs that lock into bottom box
Space-saving shape when emptied, stackable inside each other
High-quality, extremely durable EPP
Easy to clean (machine washable) and disinfect.
Optional address pocket and metal carrying handles
Can be reused for years and eventually recycled.
EPP meets the requirements for materials in contact with food, as described in European Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, up to and including Regulation (EU) No. 2018/79.


The IFOODBAG system is THE environmentally-friendly solution for your "last mile" cold chain.
When your refrigerated truck becomes obsolete, IFOODBAG & ALVOBOX solutions replace it at a lower cost. A bag made from 100% cellulose,
a reusable, insertable box made from a 100% recyclable polymer: excellent CO2 balance, conservation performance, practicality.

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