BioApply guarantees that its products are


biodegradable or compostable


plant-based materials


18-month warranty


Certified and quality controled

Welcome to BioApply

Founded in 2006, BioApply is proud to be the swiss market leader for biodegradable and compostable bags for over 10 years.
Our commitment: We offer you only biobased biodegradable bags.

Whether you need reusable, short usage or waste management bags, we provide you with sustainable solutions that actually work.


BioApply Compostable Solutions

BioApply compostable products are certified as OK Compost (industrial compost) and/or OK HOME Compost (private compost)


BioApply Biodegradable Solutions

BioApply biodegradable products have up to 100% plant-based raw material content. The ecological balance of biobased bag is significantly better than plastic bags or paper bags

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